$20 Million a Day Losses for Atlantic City Casinos - New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine shut down non-essential services effectively closing down all the casinos in Atlantic City and terminating thousands of jobs. Losses reaching $20M a day are expected to happen in Atlantic City following the casino closure.

Atlantic City Casinos - While critics concluded that the costs of New Jersey's style of casino gambling as a means of revitalizing far outweigh its virtues, New Jersey pushed on with its quest to raise more revenue and resuscitate Atlantic City. Like a number of other states that had failed to realize all the promised benefits of legal gambling, it quietly lowered expectations and reduced restrictions in an effort to make the industry more profitable for both private and public interests.

BetOnSport Focal Point of American Crackdown - Washington was successful for the moment of shutting down online casino site, BetOnSports.com, but even with the shutdown, the operators are positive that as one site closes, another will open up to replace it.

Gambling: The Making of Las Vegas - Angelenos led the way to Nevada casinos. Their predominance ensured that Las Vegas would quickly surpass Reno as Californians' favorite gaming resort, in the same fashion that Los Angeles had surpassed San Francisco as the leading city in the Golden State.

Greektown Casino to Begin Construction on Tuesday - The Michigan Gaming Control Board gave their approval for the Greektown casino. The constructions will begin Tuesday and it will hopefully open by September 2008 based on the final revised plans.

Learning Etiquette in Online Casinos - Etiquette stems from some kind of social protocol and behavior. Online casinos, like actual casinos, practice some kind of etiquette.

The Big O in Las Vegas; The Bellagio Casino Hotel - The Bellagio casino and hotel is truly one of the must see spots on the Las Vegas strip. The botanical garden, attractions and the casino will deeply impress you and send you into a world where you can simply relax and enjoy.

Why the name blackjack - Why the name blackjack

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大酒杯的起源 - 大酒杯的起源

大酒杯的起源 - 大酒杯的起源

Oorsprong van Blackjack - Oorsprong van Blackjack

Origine de Blackjack - Origine de Blackjack

Ursprung von Blackjack - Ursprung von Blackjack

Προέλευση Blackjack - Προέλευση Blackjack

Origine del blackjack - Origine del blackjack

ブラックジャックの起源 - ブラックジャックの起源

큰잔의 원천 - 큰잔의 원천

Origem do blackjack - Origem do blackjack

Начало blackjack - Начало blackjack

Origen de la veintiuna - Origen de la veintiuna

Beskärning av blackjacken - Beskärning av blackjacken

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