Not many people know why one of the most played card games ever got his name. The game called BlackJack because the player needs to hold a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades as first two cards, in order to get payed extra. So, because of the Jack being a vital card, and the Spades being black – The game received the name BlackJack. Winning BlackJack may have seen easy, but you have to own the right skills and strategies in order to win the game, and earn money.

Now days, people all over the world are playing BlackJack, rather in a “real” casino or on one of millions blackJack portal that the world wide web can offer them. The excitement of the game, played while sitting together drinking scotch, smoking cigars and playing Black Jack. Because Casinos today ate nothing like casinos in the 1700's (when blackjack was first invented) – the experience of gambling had become much more special. Now when you come to play blackjack you can enjoy not only the fun of the game itself – you can also enjoy the fun of being part of a very exclusive gambling group, and all that while playing and earning money.