The Big O in Las Vegas; The Bellagio Casino Hotel

The popular Las Vegas strip has been housing casinos for decades already and the number of additions does not seem to cease. This time however, we will take a look at a rather unique casino hotel on the strip. This hotel has always been a little more back to nature and paid more attention to beauty and elegance than into commercialism. It is time to present to you the big O; The Bellagio Casino Hotel.

The Bellagio casino and hotel is located in 3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South, and this casino hotel has been standing in this address since 1998. From afar you will notice the famous fountains that are on display from day until night and are synchronized with lighting and music to the tunes of popular classical pieces. The Bellagio is owned by Steve Wynn and his Mirage Resorts Inc. The theme of the big O is Italian and the casino hotel has a total of 3,933 rooms available for its guests.

The casino in the Bellagio is one of the most sophisticated and stylish casinos on the strip. The Bellagio has a total of 2440 slot machines, 148 table games and 30 poker tables. The casino has a whooping 100,000 square feet and the Bellagio places a high importance on private casino rooms. The Bellagio casino has a room entirely for the purpose of the World Poker Tour, where you can compete against worlds poker players. The big O also has a private high-limit lounge where the best of the best and the wealthiest players mingle. The casino also enables betting on races and other sports.

The other main attraction of the Bellagio casino and hotel is the botanical garden and conservatory. This garden changes five times in a year and displays real flora and fauna within the walls of the Bellagio. Flora and fauna is all over the Bellagio and gives a sense of an environmental friendly attitude. The botanical garden and conservatory changes according to seasons; spring, summer, fall, winter and Chinese new year. There are also several museums, the pool and courtyards and the huge golf complex that are available for the guest to indulge in.

Another great attraction of the Bellagio is the permanent Cirque du Soleil production "O." This production incorporates acrobatics with world-class synchronized swimmers. The production is entirely aquatic and will take you into a romantic world where you can truly relax and just be amazed by the performance.

The Bellagio promises style, nature, and luxury that keeps you stunned through your whole stay. Give in, indulge, and experience the world class casino and hotel Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip.